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  • Cone Champ Blue / Orange | Bleu / Orange

    Cone Champ
    Price:  $23.00
    Unit Type: ea / ch  |  Product Code: 1128

    Product Details

    • Cones Not Included.
    • ConeChamp is designed to avoid the onerous task of bending down to pick up each cone after a specific activity.
    • Suitable for all ages, the extendable ConeChamp simply pushes through each individual cone, stacking and storing them.
    • Designed in 2 parts, ConeChamp has an extendable, interlocking handle, the lower "retention section" feeds through each cone, clicking back into place after collection then simply closed and carried away.
    • To redistribute the cones simply slide them off the handle!
    • Most quality cones on the market are consistent in size & shape, with a central aperture that averages approx. 5.0cm in diameter making ConeChamp a truly versatile product!

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